What the Smart do if they are raided by NYPD [Learn what the word city really means]

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Many people fail to realize, City of New York is not a Place or a Government, it is a company, responsible, for certain duties responsibilities, none is enforcing law. NYPD, like all police departments across America, enforce what is unknown as corporate law, or bylaw. Bylaw is not Law, it’s simply corporate rules, people voluntary to follow by not knowing what city means, it does not mean place, and if it meant government why would people pretend to live in governments?

Any way the company above, will assist you if you dont know what a city is, and need some one to defend I presume, I know what a city is, I dont need them. United States of America, not United is America, know where you and whop you are, or get put some where.

We all are ON the same place, State are companies responsible for functions in certain areas, known as it’s corporate limits.

City of New York is a type of corporation not a place or Government.
Police are foreign corporate agents.


So question if the City of New York is a corporation not a place, where are you………?


If you work for the city, ask you boss what is a city, and don’t accept this is a city, ask for the legal definition the police judge’s and politicians go by, not t.v.

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