Dyckman Legends:Dr. Ben & MIHX [Reggie Peters], Picking the Brain of Scholars/Schoolers

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Yosef Ben-Jochannan
Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan, referred to by his admirers as “Dr. Ben”, was an African-American writer and historian. Wikipedia
Born: December 31, 1918, Gondar, Ethiopia
 Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan – The African Origin of Christianity video

Below is a interview between DH.com and MIHX [Reggie peters] on his experience with Dr. Ben

MIHX: Dr. Ben in the nursing home where he lived his last days, MHIX visited him 2 times a week up until, his transition, for history lessons. MIHX was privileged, and destined to meet Dr. Ben, he was not introduced, he did not email him, or approach him at a lecture, he was actually sent on a mission, which fell in line with his destiny.

MIHX Was actually visiting Dyckman’s own, Scholar Richie Graham aka Mohammad X, in the vetarans affair hospital, and during his visits, to Richie Graham r.i.p. [Mohammad X] he met Dr. Ben’s Nephew, Rein Carnation, and Rein asked MHIX, to take a message to Dr. Ben who was a resident in a nursing home at the time.

dr ben

MIHX took the message, and from that day on he went to visit, both Richie in the Veteran Affairs hospital and Dr. Bern in the nursing home, 1-2 times a week. However he was not taking messages from Rein, to Dr. Ben he was actually, taking and bringing literature, from both of the Scholars to one another.

MIHX said Dr. Ben would send books to Richie to read, and Richie would send Books to Dr. Ben to read. Both men, would intellectually challenge one another’s theories, and beliefs. Dr. Ben claimed African Caribbean roots, and Mohammad X claimed, original American roots, as you can see hay paid tribute to by wearing feathers…………….

So in turn, MIHX witnessed Dr. Ben’s last debate and battle with the Books, with Dyckmans own Richie Grahm, as both men, taught one another, and stood on their squares, and the transitioned to the essence.

The Book. he is holding was Ilyasah Shabazz,

Life lesson learned: MIHX stated he was confused on how to initially approach Dr. Ben, after all this is one of the greatest African scholars of our time. MIHX said he greeted Dr. Ben with the Muslim greeting, Asilamilakum (as-sil-lay-mill-lay-kim)- Peace to you.

Awalakimasalaam (a- wa-lay-kim-a-sa-lom)-. expecting a Peace back to you. Salaam (sa-lom)- Hello, peace. Allah awakim (a-la-a-wa-kim)- God the mighty. To MIHX’s surprise, Dr. Ben Abruptly interrupted MIHX, and told him he was not a Muslim, he was in fact a…………………… African Carri-bean under the almighty Universal God, of Supreme Mathematics. MIHX basically asked him about his Degrees, in Supreme Mathematics, and Dr. Ben replied 7AA100. is his degree in universal mathematics, and all his books carried that number inside the books MIHX relayed to Richie.



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