#PotfsSports:Deuce Knows Best interview with Coach Deuce was he “cheated or out played by Politics?”, out of his Three peat?

Coach Deuce breaks his Silence finally…….. D.euce K.nows B.est As you know DH.com’s own Coach Deuce, from Deuce Knows Best, has had the Dyckman Invitation, located near upper Manhattan in a frenzi. Coach Deuce has been to the play off 5 times in a row, 4 Finals, and have one championships back to back in Read More

#PotfsSports : Dr J. on Michael Jordan: ‘He Took Commerce Over Conscience’

  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Michael Jordan: ‘He Took Commerce Over Conscience’ They’re both legends in basketball, but one has decided to make a difference when it comes to political and social issues. Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar isn’t one to mince words when it comes to his social and political views. Over the last couple of Read More

PotfsSports : Steph Curry vs Dr J Stats to Stats Line Up “Dyckman Legends”

Stephen Curry vs. Julius Erving Comparison Head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars Julius Erving and Stephen Curry that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained, regular season and playoffs stats and other data put side by side. Who scored more points in his career? Who averaged more points in playoffs? Who won more championships? Who Read More

POTFSSPORTS:The Top 100 football players of all time in Dyckman History. Call in to speak with the Deuce and Keyon (215) 383-3913

The Top 100 football players of all time in Dyckman History. I cover and played in 5 different generations from Sha/Rich era from Mike Young and Preme era. So basically from 1983 till 2016. I seen it all. This is Hood football and not equipment football. So its rough 2 hand touch, flag football and Read More

POTSSports:Izzy Speaks 68 best basketball players in Dyckman’s history discussed tonight 5.16.2016 10:00 PM EASTERN GUEST CALL IN (215) 383-3913

Izzy Speaks, some time today IZZy apparently lossed his Dyckman Mind, and publicly published, a obvious sponsored ad, praising Dyckman basketball players of his generation. Everyone one has a right to an opinion, but obviously Izzy is attempting to obtain court side season tickets to Dyckman invitation 2016, please review the list and comment if Read More

potfsSports: Laremy Tunsil Dummy or Duped? 5.3.2016 9:00 pm eastern Guest Call In (215) 383-3913

  Miami Dolphins rookie Laremy Tunsil is expected to start with a clean slate and will not begin his NFL career under Stage 1 of the league’s substance abuse program, a source told ESPN. The source added, however, that the league will closely monitor and support Tunsil in the event intervention is needed. A video Read More