The petition to Provide Dyckman Houses & others.., with FREE computers and Internet before selling the Inwood Library on Broadway [4790]

Ever since Bloomberg they have been preparing for this first with cuts, now with selling, some one has to stand up. Sign the petition and help Dyckman get its due share.   Previous petion to stop Bloomberg went as the following   Save New York City Libraries From Bloomberg Developer Destruction Petition by Carolyn McIntyre Read More

Dyckman legendary places, and locations by The Sweat Box

Once upon a time the neighborhood of Inwood had several massive movie palaces, the Loew’s Inwood Theater, located on 132 Dyckman Street, and the Loew’s Dyckman, located on 207th Street between Sherman and Academy. Another theater called the Alpine sat on the South side of Dyckman Street around the corner from Broadway. All three theaters Read More